The Sports Administration’s Sports Innovation Accelerator at National Chiao Tung University has matured its ecosystem, attracting startups from Germany willing to travel thousand miles to participate!

The SPIN Accelerator TAIWAN, jointly operated by the Sports Administration and the IAPS Industrial Accelerator at National Chiao Tung University, held its second edition of the Demo Day yesterday (17th). In this event, a total of nine promising sports startups shared their business models. One notable participant was Fassoo, a German sports startup focused on digital sports content, who traveled all the way from nearly 10,000 kilometers away. They were attracted to Taiwan’s renowned technological capabilities and sought guidance from the Sports Accelerator to connect with local sports industry players. Their personal visit to Taiwan reflects their strong belief in the billion-dollar business opportunities that Taiwan’s sports technology can bring.

Secretary-General Yeh Ting-Peng of the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, mentioned in his speech at the event, “We believe that with the abundant resources provided by this sports accelerator, not only can we align with international trends in sports innovation, but we can also undoubtedly gain the best assistance in accessing domestic and international markets and business opportunities.”

Various experts voted to select the most outstanding sports startups of this edition. On the left side of the picture is MeetAgile (by Jiesi Technology), and on the right side is Singular Wings Medical (by Qi Yi Medical Electronics).