Alumni Reviews

This program allowed us to reevaluate our approach from an international perspective. We gained much more than we expect at the begining. Don’t hesitate, go ahead and sign up for it!

10th cycle   CTO - Co-Founder & CEO

This program has been a gamechanger for us! It’s not just about what you already know, it’s about doors it can open for your business. Enbrace the opportunities, make the most of the resources and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

10th cycle   Co-Founder & CEO - Joao Andrade

Througout the program, it has helped us solidify our direction and connect with experts and mentors from various industries!

10th cycle   Co-Founder & CMO - Zoe Huang

HYPE has connections with numerous brands and sports franchises, which could provide me with valuable access to sports networks that would otherwise be challenging to obtain.

9th cycle    Co-Founder & CEO - Nihal Pradeep

This program connects startups with many potential investors or partners, which are the the biggest benefits for me!

9th cycle   Co-Founder & CEO - Eric Eustace

We gained further understanding of the demands of the international market and how to become a startup with a good foundation and development potential under the guidance of international experts.

9th cycle    CMO - EE WON LIEW

I am grateful to the IAPS team for coordinating a series of activities. Through these sessions, including the pitch workshop, legal consulting, and networking opportunities, I have gained a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience.

9th cycle    Founder & CEO - Goody Wang

The most important thing for us is to inspect ourselves from a global perspective. In this process, we were assisted by the guidance and resources in HYPE GVA Taiwan program. 

8th cycle    CEO - Ethan Lee

We have received a lot of opinions from domestic and foreign mentors. Not only gave us the guidance on business model but also consulting on many accounting and financial matters. As for financial, business model, sales channels, there were a lot of mentors offering us opinions.

8th cycle    Founder - Kuming Chen

Doing a startup is not easy, being able to join a good accelerator to help you with good mentors is very important. I recommend you guys join the HYPE GVA Taiwan program!

8th cycle    Co-Founder - Angela You-Wei Feng

One highlight occurred after another throughout the entire program. We connected with world-class mentors and industry leaders not only from Taiwan but also from ,any other regions and locations.

8th cycle    Co-Founder & CEO - Daniel Hill

HYPE GVA TW is a short-term Accelerator program, but its courses include many varied areas. The most important thing is the mentors from the program, they all have a global vision and provide valuable comments. I truly recommend you to apply to this program without hesitation.


7th cycle   Chief Brand Officer - Allen Chang

It’s very helpful to gather all the elites invited by HYPE and IAPS to help us know ourselves very well.

7th cycle   Co-founder - Jasmine Chin

HYPE GVA Taiwan team is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs more than any other accelerator. If you are looking for a professional and enthusiastic accelerator to start with, HYPE is a serious one to consider.

7th cycle   Founder and CEO - Brad Chen

It was an energizing experience to participate in HYPE GVA TW. The HYPE team was dynamic, challenging and actively connected us to mentors, investors, and potential clients.

6th cycle   CEO - Chandra de Keyser

Uniigym joined the HYPE GVA TW program in 2020. With the assistance of HYPE and IAPS, we got more exposure opportunities and connected with many investors, capital, and collaboration partners.


4th cycle   COO - Rock Wu

A great team behind the program with top local and international mentors who are committed to assisting the startups to grow.

4th cycle   CEO - Chandra de Keyser

Thanks to HYPE Sports Innovation and HYPE SPIN Taiwan who didn’t stop moving forward when so many people cannot even step out of their house they gathered many entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from all over the world in one place virtually to make future of the sport.

4th cycleAmir Kamandi, CEO of Fastpong

Stryde has come a long way to winning the IAPS award at the HYPE SPIN x IAPS accelerator programme. From our pitch deck to our business model to our potential partners, the programme has helped us improve almost every part of the business. It has also given us more understanding of the industry by introducing us to the right people, allowing us to make a small but vital pivot from B2C to B2B2C. We look forward to joining the alumni network and seeing new startups joining the programme!

3rd cycleLeo Lee & Alex Chung, Co-Founder of Stryde

Never been in an accelerator very focused in the sports industry, with huge devotion and passion, in which all cohort could not only share startup entrepreneurship knowledge but also be able to seek cooperation skills and business in between. Feels like being a part of a family where each member feels you, understands you and devoted to helping you stand up on your foot. If time could rewind, we would join as many times as we could.- Ryo Lee, CEO of Pickups

3rd cycle Ryo Lee, CEO of Pickups

Thank you SPIN TW team for all training, we can feel all your effort. Through this program we also broaden our global perspectives and exchanged got to know a lot of new connections, it is very useful. Thank you! SPIN is awesome!     

3rd cycleJB Lin, Executive Director of Drone Fighter

It’s awesome! The best program I’ve ever participated in. It helps me shaping a much clearer image of my company’s future. Cool!

2nd cycle David Lee, CEO of Singular Wings Medical