Global sports innovation teams strive to qualify for the 3rd phase of the Taiwan Sports Innovation Accelerator training program.

On November 4th, the HYPE SPIN ACCELERATOR TAIWAN, Taiwan’s sports innovation accelerator, held its 3rd Kickoff Bootcamp event. A total of 57 domestic and international teams applied for this phase. Among them, 19 outstanding startup teams were invited to participate in the Bootcamp, from which 12 teams were selected to enter the third phase of the accelerator program. These teams include 10 Taiwanese teams and 9 international teams from countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The global sports innovation teams are making a strong presence and striving for qualification in the 3rd phase of the Taiwan Innovation Accelerator program.

In addition to selecting the most promising teams, the Kickoff Bootcamp event included special thematic lectures on sports technology. Renowned domestic sports technology expert Mr. He Kaicheng, the founder of Gameconomy, along with international outstanding startup teams – CEO and Co-founders of Freelates from Israel, Shelly Bar and Asaf Bar, and CEO and Co-founder of BiiB from Malaysia, Tan She Yong, were invited to provide participating teams with valuable experience sharing and networking opportunities.

Selected teams for the third phase of the training program:

  1. Gameconomy (Malaysia)
  2. Komodo Monitr Ltd. (New Zealand)
  3. Freelates (Israel)
  4. FOOTBOT (Russia)
  5. Stryde (Hong Kong)
  6. Fanlytiks (India)
  7. Jingletek (Taiwan)
  8. Uniwill Technology (Taiwan)
  9. Deepunch (Taiwan)
  10. Pickups (Taiwan)
  11. NiceSun (Taiwan)
  12. DP smart technology (Taiwan)

The “Taiwan Sports Innovation Accelerator” is jointly created by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, the National Chiao Tung University Accelerator Center, and HYPE Sports Innovation, the international sports innovation accelerator from Israel. It has successfully held two training programs, nurturing a total of 19 startups from both domestic and international backgrounds. By integrating domestic and international sports startups with industry elites, the program provides an exclusive platform for accelerating the growth of sports technology startups, continuously injecting new energy into Taiwan’s sports innovation industry.